Selfie Wizard

Digital cameras and Polaroids. What a great idea they are to have at any event, if you want to spend your hard earned ££££’s for 20 pictures of a fork, a blurry picture up one of your guests kilt or an entire spool of out of focus, extreme close up selfies of the little ones.

Or you could utilise what your guests have brought with them anyway. Their own mobile phone, complete with high resolution cameras. Let your guests snap away all night long and instantly upload their images to our slide show, letting everyone enjoy the pictures that have been taken. From the table, the dance floor, the bar, your guests can upload and print straight away. No need to find someone to develop. Instant high quality, worthy photos. Your guests can take their images with them as a memento, or why not get a guest book to put the prints in. Either way, you’re getting hundreds of extra images for your memories without the risk of finding out you have hundreds of bad photos. Selfie Wizard. Welcome to the future.

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